Dear Editor,

Johnson County School Board Chair Tim Blaney has decided he knows best on how to manage the new Superintendent.  Blaney has alienated the one person who has come into our community with fresh ideas and newer methods to actually educate children.  Through Blaney the Board is micro managing the daily district business to a point of total frustration on the part of the district’s new management.  Wagner has an impeccable reputation and a proven track record of educating children and being fiscally responsible.  The District needs a Board that establishes goals, a workable fiscal plan and then leaves management alone to do their work.  Time will measure his success.

Since Jim Wagner arrived:

Fact: Math scores across the board have risen under Wagner since implementation of IXL mid-way thru the year.

Fact: A new excellent curriculum director has been hired.

Fact: Our reading program has been updated after 10 years of no attention.

Fact: The culture for the students is positive and upbeat.  Art thru murals have been introduced at several of the schools with positive results and desperately needed gym equipment has been ordered for several schools.

Fact: All but one principal at individual schools was new in the fall of 2018 and all are working very well with the new administration, which also has new people as well.

Fact: Before Wagner arrived we were in the bottom 25% in test scores and 10 out of 19 areas of academic achievement were below state averages. Nine months later, only 5 or those previous 10 subpar areas of academic achievement were lower than average.

Fact:  Blaney and others missed Board meetings and work sessions during the hiring of Wagner.

Fact: Only one board member and our administrator attended the Kaycee High School graduation on Saturday.  

 The State data speaks for itself. This district is not one of the best school districts in the state. In spite of a very dysfunctional board, the district began a significant turnaround. It’s the school board and Tim Blaney that need oversight.


Robert Bergner


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