Dear Editor:

A couple public notices appeared in (the) paper a couple of years ago regarding a proposed retention dam – 45 feet high in Dump Draw, one mile west of Buffalo.

Well now it’s there, and those of us who live a mere 1/8 to 1/4 mile from the dam have a few questions. Why was there never a model of what something of that size would look like and impact homes directly below a dam? How much did this cost taxpayers after FEMA funding? If this massive structure breaches (earthen dams do), how will Buffalo residents feel about the inevitable lawsuits resulting from damage to our homes?

Many of those affected pay impressive property taxes, yet were never directly notified (a legal and ethical) requirement in most municipalities. So how would residents in any neighborhood fare if/when someone decides to push a project adversely affecting them? You won’t know what hit you until it’s out of your control.

Those of us who are looking at this thing every day are realizing what is wrong with this picture. We hope the rest of you do as well. Feel free to go north up Juniper Street past Valley Lane on your left. Imagine what kind of flood would warrant this “protection.”

Unless you think government agencies never make mistakes, ask questions.

Patricia Plecas


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