Dear Editor,

I’m writing to thank everyone for the great “welcome home” I received on my recent visit to Buffalo. I left Buffalo in 2007 for a warmer climate in Arizona, but coming back to visit has always been on my mind but plans always seemed to fall through. When I contacted the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce back in July and they assured me that the fair and rodeo was going to happen, I decided the time is right. I want to thank Wyoming Motel for their hospitality for a few days. Dawn and Steve were great to visit with while I took the time to drive around Buffalo taking pictures and visiting old friends. Willie Myers and Donna filled me in for a few hours as did Herman and Patty Myers. The fellow I used to consider my dad when I first moved to Buffalo, Don Kraen, and his lovely wife Vyonne and daughter Shelley greeted me at their place for a great visit. I wandered into the Century Club and had visits with Terry, Mitch, Arnie, Kerry and others whose names, but not faces, escape me. Saw Keith at the Moose but missed Nels. Old poker buddy George and I went back in time. I dropped in on Mike and we bs’d all night. Went out to the Soldiers and Sailors home to see a pal named Herb. What a great visit. Stopped by the highway department and dropped in on Zach. Glad to see everyone doing well. Especially want to say thanks to Harvey for his hospitality at the cabin and Kenny and Ronica for opening their home to me. 

I know I’m missing some names, but I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to see everyone. See you next time, and remember the road goes both ways.

Mike Prevenas

Green Valley, Arizona

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