Dear Editor,

32 miles north of Buffalo. Is that close enough to home? It has been 30 years this September since the school shooting at Central Middle School in Sheridan, WY. I was teaching at an elementary school across town and my paraprofessional had a son at the middle school. We were blessed to have the Staff that immediately knew the sound of gun shots and saved many lives. It makes me sick to think of the number of pre-teens (and possibly the son of a good friend) that would have lost their lives that day if the shooter had a semi-automatic gun.

I have grandchildren that will be entering our local school in the next few years. I value a good public education (both of my children have doctorate degrees thanks to a great WY education).

Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation for why semi-automatic weapons should continue to be legal? I come from a “hunting” family and my husband owns guns. Why can’t one bullet take care of business on the Ranch?

I applaud Governor Gordon for his support of “reducing the stigma around mental health” in WY. (Quote from WREN magazine, March 2023). Wyoming has more and more children that need guidance and assistance in becoming productive, successful contributors to our wonderful WY lifestyle. How many of these mass SCHOOL shootings come from people with mental illness?

Please keep our Children Safe and get rid of your semi-automatic weapons.

Lori Strandholm


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