Dear Editor,

Last night the high school program, Bells of Joy, was pure joy! We heartily applauded the students and well we should have. As my son-in-law said, “It’s the best I’ve been to any time or anywhere,” to which I agree. We have 343 students at the high school, and 142 in music, allowing for some activity overlap – that’s still a third of our students in music!
I would like to applaud the many music and voice teachers in our schools and in our community that laid the foundation for work like this. We are very fortunate to have them among us. Well done.

Not to be forgotten, at the base of that extra ordinary performance,

I want to salute those parents/guardians/family members who transported their sometimes unwilling students to those early lessons.

Your diligence has paid off. It takes

a village.

Grandma Donna Tschetter


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