Dear Editor,

Without laws we would live in a lawless society. We have laws so that we can live, work, raise children, and appreciate the fruits of our labors in relative peace, safety and security. Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant regarding what goes on in Johnson County and the City of Buffalo. A recent article in the Buffalo Bulletin (page A7, issue 44, November 11, 2021) described a prosecutorial case involving an individual who had been convicted of buying and selling methamphetamine and our elected officials, i.e., County Attorney Tucker Ruby and Judge William Edelman. What was most disturbing in the article was our Prosecutor stating that the convicted individual was a “good father.” What! Good father? Really? This flagrantly insults all the decent men in our community who are indeed “good fathers”. The definition of a good father does not include the word “methamphetamine,” or engaging in its use or sale. What is further disheartening, however, is the “slap on the wrist” sentencing request made by Mr. Ruby. It is unknown and irrelevant to me whether this was the convicted individual’s first offense or only the first time he got caught. No doubt many man hours were involved in obtaining this arrest and conviction. The efforts of our Police force in this case should not become a waste of their time. Wyoming has many precious resources but the most precious are its children and young people. The elected officials of Johnson County need to send a very clear message to those who are involved with this scourge, that the laws designed to protect us will be enforced to their fullest extent if they attempt to infiltrate our community with this extremely real and dangerous threat. At the very least Judge Edelman held firm and refused to sentence him to probation only.

Ingrid McGehee


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