Dear Editor,

I wanted to address parents who all really like the four-day week. I believe the four-day school week is not all it is cracked up to be. I believe the absenteeism is not any better. 

I tried to make our appointments on Friday to keep the kids in school Monday through Thursday. Now they are scheduling sporting events or practice on Friday and talk about a fight to get your kids to go to an appointment rather than one of those. It is easier to take them out of school for appointments.

Our teachers seem to be out of school just as much as before, their meetings, and trainings were going to be on Fridays but it doesn’t seem like it has worked that way.  

I spoke with my sons’ civic teacher the other day about no grades on Power School for about three weeks, and he said he doesn’t have enough time to grade the papers. I can’t imagine if our teachers with only 12 or so kids in a class don’t have time to do this what a school with 25 kids in a class would do to a teacher’s ability to grade papers.

Some of my students attend every Friday as it is Focus Friday. The bus will pick them up and bring them home so no savings there. I think the stress of getting everything done in these four days is taking its toll on students as well as faculty. 

We are lucky in Kaycee because it is not a hardship on most parents having kids home on Friday. I can’t imagine what it would be like to do it in a larger school where most parents work outside of the home and would have to make arrangements for the kids on Friday. If people want a four-day week why don’t we do it with year-round school? We would have the same amount of time off just not in such a big chunk. Maybe the first weeks back at school students wouldn’t have to be reviewing what they forgot over the summer.

Christy Cleveland


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