Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on your editorial on “Purity Test” in the Oct. 1 issue. I tend to agree with you but also disagree at the same time. I have never signed a contract for many of the same reasons you mentioned. I have publicly stated that I would support all the Republican Platform. A candidate is free to run in any party. And a citizen is free to support any candidate regardless which party he professes to belong.

But here is where I differ with you. Even though a candidate may run on any ticket and profess his own beliefs as he sees fit, the party is not obligated nor should not back any candidate who will not commit to supporting the party’s “platform.” The “platform planks” are drawn up at the local precincts and are advanced to the county convention where they are voted on. At the state convention there are discussions as to the merits of a proposal. Does the idea or plank, merit the state association’s backing to move it forward? Should the state association, representing the statewide members, ask their candidates to support the idea to create a law that is representative of most of the members of that party?

If a candidate will not commit to backing the will of the party and support the party’s platform which was agreed to by the majority at the party’s state convention, the party should not support either financially or by allowing him to carry the party’s banner. It is the party’s obligation to make sure our candidates represent the party’s values and that they are not just using the party’s name to get elected and then vote against our values. Hence the name RINO.

Rep. Richard Tass

House District 40

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