Dear Editor, 

The Gov. and Wyo. Senate. Keep wanting to raise taxes on this and that. Also tax us for every mile we drive. Here is money spent. That we the people do not need. Wyo. has 2 Lear Jets. That were bought either 1999 or early 2000s by Gov. Jim Geringer. I do not remember having to get a vote on this amount of money being spent. The cost of the two lear Jet 75 was $13.8 million each. For a total of $27,600,000. Then we have the cost of 2 pilots and 2 copilots and maybe 2 stewards. 200 hours flying time cost from $174,000 to $200,000. Also in 2018. The cost of these was $1 million flying time and etc. The engines have to be serviced once a year. Or so many hours flown. The cost of this is $120,000 per engine = $480,000. These costs you can look up on the Internet. Then there is the cost of fuel. It was $4.40 per gallon with the increase of gas it maybe $6 a gallon or thereabouts. 

I hope they are not used for personal use. Also now is the time to get rid of them. They have increase in value. Also in 1995 there was a few years waiting period. Before they could be bought. This is why I said they had to be bought in either 1999 or early 2000s. 

The Governor and Elected Officials could. Charter a plane or fly commercial this would cost a lot less. And leave money in the Treasure. 

Robert G. Morris


Editor’s note: The state of Wyoming does not own a Learjet. The state owns two Citation Encores that were purchased in the early 2000s at a total cost of around $15 million. Each flight is crewed by two pilots; there are no stewards on board. 

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