Dear Editor:

As the nieces of Corporal DeMaret Marston Kirtley, our family would like to thank you, the Buffalo community, for your honored contributions to our uncle’s long return from the Korean War.

We want to thank the Buffalo Bulletin for your ongoing coverage of Marston’s return. Your articles brought Marston’s story to life, and the coverage of the memorial service in Kaycee was particularly touching and compelling. We thank you for this very special gift.

We would also like to thank Nancy Tabb, the local history librarian at the Johnson County Library. Nancy took a keen interest in Marston’s story from the beginning. She has been a champion of collecting and interpreting the many details associated with Marston’s life before and during the Korean War; her records of Marston will be a valuable resource for the Buffalo community and beyond.

And, finally, we would like to thank you, the many citizens of the Buffalo area who lined the interstate to recognize Marston’s procession. The respect you paid brought tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts. Your patriotic acts helped us realize you stood not only for Marston but also for all veterans.

And, now, my sister and I will do as we always have done when we are in Buffalo: Visit the war memorial on Main and Fort streets. But, this time, instead of saying, “Someday, Marston,” we will say, “Welcome home.”

With much gratitude,

Zena Husman, Sheridan

and Karmen Kirtley, Denver

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