Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article, entitled “Weather Delays Road Crews,” written by reporter Floyd Whiting in the April 18, 2019, edition of the Buffalo Bulletin.

Mr. Brent Bennett, of Nelson Engineering, gave a good account of pothole formation on asphalted roads. Similarly, Mr. Les Hook, Buffalo Public Works Director, gave fine measure to the repair process of the potholes.

The elephant in the room was never mentioned. That missing element is the impact of large, multi-axle and heavy commercial truck traffic traveling on streets never designed for such traffic. Interestingly, the most heavily damaged roads appear to be the same roads traveled by these many hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial vehicles. These large vehicles have been using Klondike Drive, Cemetery Road/Sesame Street and DeSmet Avenue for the past two years. All of them traveled to the same destination. For perspective, a large commercial vehicle has the impact of 9,600 passenger cars.

Perhaps, city and county authorities could establish weight/haul restrictions during the unthawing and freeze/thaw cycles routinely experienced during the spring season. This could be especially helpful as the roads recover from deeply frozen ground as we had this past winter

The Bulletin has published many articles in the past months about the reconstruction of three street sections in Buffalo. The cost of those repairs is $7 million. The 1% tax collection process is estimated to be three years. The county has already repaved a significant portion of Upper Clear Creek Road. How much more will it cost the Buffalo/Johnson County residents to repair the damage on Klondike Drive, Cemetery Road/Sesame Street and DeSmet Avenue? How many more years will the 1% tax need to be collected to pay for these repairs?

Jeffrey A. Cope


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