Dear Editor,

I read with interest Jim Shell’s letter to the editor and Jan Weigel and Jim Berning’s response. I am a born and raised Wyomingite. I am proud of my heritage and proud of both sets of grandparents that served this state in many capacities, great-grandfathers that served their country in WWII and a father who served in Korea. They were loyal to Wyoming, their communities, the USA and their families, and they accepted their friends and neighbors as they were, not based on political party. They voted split ticket.

It is with great disappointment and sadness that I see such hateful and hurtful speech and actions coming from neighbors. We are supposed to be an “Equality” state that believes in helping neighbors, business owners, family and friends, regardless of race, creed, color or gender. Just because you don’t agree with their political affiliation, does not mean you tell them to go live somewhere else! 

The Bible says, “Love one another.” It doesn’t say, “but not if they’re Republican or Democrat, or a person of a different color, or gender, or belief.” Please, stop this hatefulness. Leave people’s signs and property alone!

We all have been given the enormous blessing of living in the United States of America, and the privilege of voting as we see fit. If we are careful, we will continue to have the opportunity to speak our mind at the ballot box. We shouldn’t hate someone because they voted or think differently than ourselves! 

Hate and prejudice is taught and spreads like a disease. Also taught, treating each other with kindness and respect. Start using critical thinking as a process, rather than just using criticism as a tool to shut people down. Don’t put me in a category, so you can feel comfortable hating me. 

Shawn Young


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