Dear Editor,

Dear fellow constituents of House District 40, I am writing to applaud the efforts of Rep. Richard Tass thus far in Cheyenne. The freshman representative walked in to the capital city with a determined mind and campaign promises that he has continued to keep.

Richard said he would be fiscally responsible. One of his first acts was bringing forth a bill to reduce taxation on the elderly. He has voted unabashedly to cut spending.

Richard said he would adhere to Biblical principles in life and marriage. He sponsored the 48-hour waiting period bill that would discourage abortions and allow another barrier to be crossed before they could take place.

Richard has expressed a love for our region, and he continues to fight for economic opportunities as well as defending our independent way of life.

Richard is proving to be a leader not a follower or joiner. He has ideas, and he pursues them while including the input and ideas of others. He has been one of the most responsive elected officials I have ever dealt with and that says a lot about his character and humility. I couldn’t be more pleased by what I’ve seen thus far from Mr. Tass and look forward to supporting him in his political career.

Trinity Lewis


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