Dear Editor,

Several weeks ago, Buffalo was the scene of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstration. Later, on August 20, an estimated 400 people crowded Crazy Woman Square to support “Blue Santa,” a police charity raising funds to help disadvantaged families at Christmas. The BLM protest was covered with barely restrained delight in a major, detailed article in the Buffalo Bulletin. To date I have seen nothing on the Blue Santa fund-raiser. The people who gathered during the fundraiser were not just celebrating their appreciation for a worthy cause, they were demonstrating their solidarity with law enforcement. Law enforcement, one might add, whose members, nationally, have been endangered, killed and injured in BLM riots. 

Certainly, the Buffalo Bulletin has an obligation to cover protests against racism. At the same time, it has an obligation to describe the true identity of the organization behind those protests. With every passing day BLM becomes less about racism and more about Marxism; more about turning America into a socialist state through anarchy and violence. Only recently, a senior BLM official proclaimed, “If change doesn’t happen then we will burn down this system.” This week, BLM demonstrators in California chanted, “Death to America.”

How can the Buffalo Bulletin fail to accurately describe an organization that has advocated such violence and turned many of our urban centers into wastelands? The answer is that the paper has a consistently liberal bias — and it fails to do its homework.

Unquestionably, the Buffalo Bulletin provides a great service for the community. Unfortunately, the community it serves must be located somewhere in Southern California. 

Bill Woodward




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