Dear Editor,  

The much-reviled sign at Fort and Carrington, a benighted exercise of the First Amendment, deserves comment again. Is there room on the marquee to add COVID-19 to the “freedoms” which this head-in-the-sand/ butt-in-the-breeze posture defends?

Perhaps the sign could be sentried (with safe social distancing) by State Sen. Dave Kinskey and State Rep. Richard Tass in tricorn hats with muskets. Opposition to Medicaid which would help poor people and rural hospitals in Wyoming is so timely!

Brings to mind the last stanza of the cynical song, Mumbo Jumbo, from the musical, “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off” (Newly/Bricusse; 1961) 

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarb

Up your flubarb, Liberty Hall.

And, dear friends, if I’m elected,

I’m all right, Jack – screw you all!

Tom Spence


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