Dear Editor,

With property tax payments fast approaching, many people in Johnson County find themselves in a difficult situation. Some have lost jobs due to the statewide shutdown and have seen no unemployment compensation from an overwhelmed state DWS. Others have had their businesses forcibly shuttered with the small business loan program in shambles.

And yet, there has been no attempt either by Johnson County Treasurer Carla Bishop or Gov. Gordon at the state level to provide for some form of tax relief – even something as reasonable as waiving late charges. If Gov. Gordon can erase people’s livelihoods with a stroke of a pen, then why can’t he put into place some basic supports, as well? If Carla Bishop says that Wyoming statutes require her to levy penalties, why can’t she speak out to have them dropped for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic?

In recent weeks, it has almost become glib to say, “We’re all in this together.” But we are not. Different people are in radically different positions. It would be welcome news to hear Carla Bishop and Gov. Gordon acknowledge this.

John Egan


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