Dear Editor, 

I attended the Joint Corporations, Elections, & Political Subdivisions Committee’s public hearings in Sheridan September 2. My take on the boondoggle, boondoggle being used purposefully:

1. Comments opposing rank choice voting (RCV) included the position that voters didn’t get to evaluate candidates as they face off one-on-one as they do in our traditional elections. This means I am being forced into choosing between what I consider the dregs of the parties represented on the ballot. Candidate A is glib and promises fame and fortune to everyone. Candidate B has a recognizable name and hasn’t advanced legislation in five terms. Candidate C, my choice, thinks big picture and supports ideas I believe benefit the state. Candidates A and B have toed the “party line” and get on the ballot. Candidate C is an intelligent voice that believes a candidate represents the people and not the party. With rank choice voting, I have a reason to be involved in the political process and support her efforts as a candidate. I cast my ballot with hope that the cream will rise to the top. The current system in Wyoming leaves me two choices: vote for the candidate who will do the least harm or not vote.

2. A second argument against RCV was that it confused the elderly. I found that downright insulting, and I hope other elders do as well. The idea that RCV should be avoided so the elderly will still be able to participate intelligently is both insulting and demeaning.

Frank Pratt


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