Dear Editor,

Lately there have been a number of “ghosty” and scifi TV programs on about the Occidental Hotel being haunted.

I grew up in Buffalo and because of my family’s business was in and out of the Occidental Hotel, barbershop and bar numerous times a week. Not once in all of those years did I ever hear about it being haunted. I personally knew two people who lived at the Occidental and one who stayed there when he had spent the night drinking in the bar. Not one time did I ever hear them complain of ghosts, strange lights or flying objects. The bartender used to pay my brother to go to the basement and cleanup the beer bottles that were dropped down a chute to the basement. He told me that he never heard or saw anything out of the ordinary yet on one of the programs I watched there was a person who refused to go to the basement because it was very haunted.

My question is, when did it become haunted? I’m not saying it’s not haunted, but my great-grandparents moved to Buffalo as a young married couple, my grandparents and my parents were all born and raised there. I lived there for 20 years and never one single time did I ever hear the first ghost story. Is this all a publicity ploy or did the Occidental ghosts move in in the last 50 years?

Shirley Spring

Chesapeake, Virginia

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