Dear Editor,

Last year, Johnson County voters across all political parties took a stand against dark money and money from corporations, unions and special interest groups used to influence our elections, by signing the Wyoming Promise petition.  

The House recently debated resolution HJ008 on this same topic and voted 37-20 in favor of a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to end the undue influence of big money on our elections, and close the loopholes that allow anonymous donors, both domestic and foreign, to influence who becomes a candidate and who gets elected.

The unlimited “speech” of corporations and special interest groups is drowning out the speech of voters like you and me. Every voter is limited by law on how much they can contribute to campaigns. Yet, right now, corporations, unions and special interest groups can make unlimited donations, which result in unlimited influence. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision opened the floodgates to big-money donors both domestic and foreign. It will take an amendment to the Constitution to overturn that decision.  

According to former Sen. Alan Simpson, “Money’s dominance over politics is the No. 1 problem our nation faces. Either we uphold the values of a representative democracy, or we allow greed and wealth to destroy the great American experiment in self-governance. The 28th Amendment allows us to make the right choice.”

Please contact Sen. Dave Kinskey at or ask the Legislative Services Office at 307-777-7711 to get a message to him asking for his support for HJ008.  

Lois Petersen


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