Dear Editor,

I am writing to you to see if you were aware, or make you aware of the fact that although the Johnson County School District has had ample time to create dual lessons plans as they were instructed to, the vast majority of its staff did not. Specifically teachers of the high school. Although they were asked to create lesson plans for both online and in person teaching, so many did not, simply because they chose not to. Why offer for students to have the option to stay at home where they or their families feel they are safer if they are not able to have the same educational opportunity as the next child that they are entitled to. As a result now, the community is now paying for a contracted service to allow those kids to have an educational platform to learn from. Which could have been avoided if some, (not all of the teachers failed in this regard), had just done what was instructed of them. But because this is a small community, where a global pandemic is a conspiracy, and where tenured staff feel they no longer need to abide by the same rules to ensure the educational standards of each child is up held.

Cassandra Denton


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