Dear Editor,

What humble county commissioners we have in Johnson County.  

For several years they have been telling the public about the high funding deficits that exist for the county operations. But in fact, as I read the county’s audited financial statements, the general operating cash receipts have exceeded the expenditures by a total of over $2 million for the last three years. The commissioners have taken no credit for this. The commissioners need to be congratulated on their ability to keep the county from financial ruin. To their credit, the commissioners have not spent any of the more than $35 million that has been accumulated and that is available for county operations.

What I do not understand is why they felt the need to transfer more than $3 million to the general operating fund from the sales tax fund. Having been given more than one opportunity, they have provided me with no explanation for making this transfer, except that it was legal.  Without that transfer, the sales tax fund would have over $4.7 million in it that would be available for viable projects. Why are the county commissioners failing to give us the opportunity to use any of this to better the facilities in the community?

I am finished with my rant concerning the sales tax fund unless the Johnson County people believe more needs to be done.

Bill Dooley



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