Dear Editor,

A. Gender affirmation questions are garnering legislative action all across the nation. Julie Daniels in Oklahoma would like to see a ban on such decisions until the subject is over 21. Some in Nebraska would like to see such decisions barred until the subject is 19 or older. The rationale: “All that we are asking for here is a little more time to make a permanent life decision.” Rep. Bethany Soye

B. A bill that sets the minimum age for marriage in Wyoming, 16 with judicial approval or 18 without, has passed through the Senate committee. The intent: to address “some of the social ills” brought about by underage marriages.

C. Life is a Human Right Act (HB152) would require the 14 year old rape victim to become a mother.

Would legislators have us believe the 14 year old rape victim has powers to make better decisions directly impacting herself and her child than an 18 year old dealing with gender identification issues? Is this same 14 year old better able to make decisions for herself and her child than the 17 year old wishing to get married?

Doesn’t giving birth permanently change the life of the mother? Hasn’t social research found a lot of social ills can be attributed to children raising children? Yet, legislative reasoning appears to be that 18 year old transgender youth and young marriages create negative societal problems whereas the 14 year old mother forced to bring a child into the world should appreciate the fact she has the chance to raise a child years before she can make a decision about marriage or gender identification.

Frank Pratt


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