Dear Editor:

I was deeply saddened to hear of the YMCA pool’s latest closing and imminent demise, and the possibility of local swim programs being lost as a result. My disappointment runs deeper than the interest my family has invested in the local completive swimming program and the effect the loss of our pool could have on us personally. 

For me and many within the community, the YMCA is so much more than bricks and mortar; it is a legacy. Prior to the YMCA’s foundation in 1978, a group of proactive citizens came together to make the dream of a recreation facility with an indoor pool a reality for our community. These individuals possessed incredible vision to see past the critics of the times to envision the benefits of a recreation facility, and for 40 years, so many people have enjoyed a safe place to physically and socially recreate. 

In my own experience, the YMCA has been a hub of positive activity from my adolescence to my today, and I cannot imagine our community without this solid foundation. Yet the reality is the bricks and mortar are reaching their end of life, and we that have been positively impacted by the YMCA owe it to the next generation to ensure the continued viability of our growing community through the legacy of our YMCA. 

As citizens and leaders within Johnson County, we must be proactive now, just as those individuals were in 1978, to publicly and privately support and invest in a new and/or improved YMCA recreation facility and swimming pool. Please join in supporting these efforts.

Nicole Novotny Wonka


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