Dear Editor,

In last week’s paper you had an advertisement by NARAL, known for their position that they call pro-choice, but really is anti-life. The advertisement simply stated, “Abortion is Essential Health Care.” My hope is that people aren’t deceived by this false statement. Health care and medicine is for the purpose of preserving life, not destroying it. Remember, a baby has a heartbeat between three to four weeks, brain waves by six to seven weeks. This is well before most abortions occur! But, let it be understood, this is not when life begins. At conception a new child is created. At the very beginning of the formation of this new life, a new person is brought to life with unique DNA. 

We even must be honest with ourselves that a great deal of even what some would call birth control contraceptives also serve to end the life of that newly conceived child. Let me say that differently, most contraceptives are actually abortifacients. These include “Plan B”, IUDs, implants and birth control pills that so many of our young women take without oftentimes being informed by their doctors of what these tools can do. I inform you so that you would not be ignorant of this.

Our most fundamental task as people is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Who could be more vulnerable than the child in the womb? Let us seek to preserve life! And finally, there are many mothers and fathers who grieve, having made the decision to end the life of their child, but for you there is the promise of forgiveness. It is my privilege, as a pastor, to proclaim this forgiveness. May our Lord lead all to grieve the death of their child and receive forgiveness.

Rev. Gerald Heinecke

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Buffalo


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