Dear Editor,

The disaster with the Chamber of Commerce funds appears quite puzzling. Why would people accept a position on the governing board if they did not understand and accept their duties and responsibilities?   

These people are obviously local business owners or workers. Are they this careless with their own business bookkeeping and money? Or if they handle money for their employers?  

It is one thing for them to be careless with the dues from Chamber members; they answer to them for that. It is really discouraging that they were not paying proper attention to the taxpayers’ money, which they requested and were given by the city and county officials.  They need to answer to their fellow citizens for that!   

And when thousands of dollars were misappropriated and never missed and they had thousands more to give to the former employee – there must be lots of padding in their budget. Do they really need to ask for money from the local taxpayers?  

And the question of how cash was handled or mishandled by the staff and board was never addressed (a Bulletin reporter could have asked – or did I overlook?).

How many Christmas buttons and Reverse Bingo tickets, Longmire events and other purchases were/are with cash? If the traceable money can go astray, and not be noticed, what should we think happened to the cash? A sad event, which was preventable.

Nancy Lee Jennings


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