Dear Editor,

Thank you for the informative and well-written article on recycling. This article grabbed my attention and caused me to reflect upon the part of recycling operation that I never see nor give much thought to, such as problem solving, budgeting, transporting and bundling recyclables, identifying and planning for possible future problems. These same problems must also occur in recycling centers across the country. Since these important aspects are out of the view of us recyclers, their weighty contribution is likely not recognized nor understood by most recyclers. Your article helped me to better understand the behind-the-scenes work that is done in order to keep our recycling center running. I am sharing this article on Facebook and through email, because it can provide a service beyond our Buffalo community. The information is pertinent to any city with a recycling center, so I am sharing with friends who live in other parts of United States.

Colleen Schumacher


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