Dear Editor,

Someone once asked me, “What is there to do in a little town?” Well, they never lived in Buffalo – especially at holiday time.

I have no idea who all to thank for the incredible experiences of the weekends, but a lot of hard work, long hours and financing made it magical.

The specular fireworks, the chili feed and parade, the beautifully decorated store fronts, the dancers at Bomber Mountain and all the community sales and the happenings in the square were awesome. I loved the new lights entwined around the base of each old decoration making them shine like brand new fixtures.

But best of all was the surprise of driving down the street from the post office and being greeted with the fantastic lighting on the big trees on the old courthouse lawn. What an amazing, beautiful (and hard to accomplish) job!

When I was a child, 80-some years ago, we lived a block from the courthouse and every night I would sit in my window and then gaze from my bed at the big lighted trees there. In my memories, this is one of my favorite Christmas scenes. However, every year more lights burned out and slowly the trees went dark. Every year I have wished they could somehow be lighted again. What a wonderful treat to have them not only back, but so much more decorated than they ever were before.

A sidelight I also remember vividly was that before the courthouse lights or any other Christmas lights, one year a very large tree was brought down from the mountains and erected and lighted right in the middle of the Fort and Main street intersection. (There were no street lights or wires etc. then.) It seemed as if everyone in town gathered around the big tree. A lady played her accordion and everyone sang Christmas carols around the tree. We ended by holding hands and singing “Silent Night.” (Hallmark would have loved it!)

The feeling of all those memories have come flooding back these past weekends. Thank you, everyone that had a hand in making this “little town” so beautiful and such a great placed to call home.

Louise Meldrum Anderson


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