Dear Editor:

After reading “School board considers petition” in the July 11 Bulletin, I obtained a copy of Mr. Blaney’s letter to the board and members of the public dated Aug. 15, 2018. In the letter, Mr. Blaney asserts the hiring was corrupt, rumor-mongering played a role, other candidates’ reputations and qualifications were scoffed at. He goes on to say that members of the board abandoned their principles. Since a board acts only through individuals, he was obviously appalled by the actions of some, or possibly all, individual members of the board.  

I would have liked to been privy to the board’s discussion during the selection process for the board chairman. It would be interesting to hear how these individuals who were “unable to hold themselves to consistent standards and high ethical practice” arrived at the decision that Mr. Blaney was the best qualified to direct the coalescence of the board into an effective and cohesive working group.

Frank Pratt


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