Mantle serves her school and state

Bulletin photo by Stephen Dow

Hollis Mantle serves as student body secretary on the Buffalo High School student council and also serves in a key leadership position for the Wyoming Association of Student Councils, where she helps plan statewide events and compiles a newsletter sent to all member student councils.

Academics awaken the mind and athletics strengthen the body. But how does a high schooler feed her soul and give back to a school that has given so much?

There is no one answer to this question. But Junior Hollis Mantle has found her answer in Buffalo High School’s student council.

“I participate in cross-country and that’s great for your body,” Mantle said. “But I think student council is great for your soul. It is all about helping others and helping your school be the best it can be. Through student council, I’ve learned that I am a part of a large community of people and there is something really special about that.”

As Buffalo High School students celebrate homecoming this week, they have people like Mantle to thank. Mantle, currently the student body secretary, has served on the council since she was a freshman and has played a key role in planning the school’s homecoming and blackout week events. This year, she’s a part of the planning committee for the homecoming dance being held at the Cowboy Carousel Center on Saturday.

“At first, I just joined the council because it would look good on college applications,” Mantle admitted. “But I chose to stay with it because I think there is something special there. I like being part of something bigger than me.”

She liked it so much, in fact, that when she was presented with the opportunity to represent BHS’ council on a state level, she leaped at it. She was elected secretary of the Wyoming Association of Student Councils in November 2018 and will finish her term next month.

“As secretary, I am responsible for creating a monthly newsletter with news from schools across the state,” Mantle said. “It’s all about improving communication and connecting student councils that wouldn’t be connected otherwise.”

Mantle also meets regularly with the three-member WASC executive board to discuss policy changes and plan the annual WASC convention, which will be held this November in Sheridan.

“When it’s just the executive board, it’s pretty low key,” Mantle said. “We just order a cookie pizza and get to work.”

From her monthly newsletters to the school dances she’s helped plan, it’s easy to see the impact Mantle has had through student council. But the councils, both school and state, have had just as much of an impact on her, Mantle said.

“It has really molded my leadership and motivated me to step up and take charge,” Mantle said. “I would definitely recommend it to anyone. We could always use more leaders.”

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