Do you want to leave a legacy that lasts long after you’re gone? Plant a tree.

“When you invest in a tree, you invest in the environment and improving our community’s aesthetics,” said Zach Byram, director of the Clear Creek Conservation District. “You also invest in the future – that tree is going to be there for years to come.”

County residents currently have the ability to invest in the future through the Plant-A-Tree program being co-sponsored by the Clear Creek Conservation District and Buffalo High School. Through community financial support, the high school will plant trees around the school’s football stadium.

The trees will serve as a windbreak and backdrop for football games for years to come, according to the school’s administrative assistant, Melanie Ruby.

“We’re hoping to beautify the stadium, but we also see it as a legacy for everyone who purchases a tree,” Ruby said. “As our community grows and our school grows, the trees will grow as well and they will serve as reminders of those who have supported the school over the years.”

The high school plans to plant roughly 100 Colorado blue spruce, provided by the conservation district, over the course of three different phases. The tree-sponsoring deadline for the first phase, which will populate the north side of the stadium, is Feb. 28.

The high school is charging $125 per tree, which includes a replacement tree if the tree dies, Ruby said.

While the fee may seem a little steep, the investment is well worth it, Byram said.

“I think it’s a great idea to plant trees whenever you can,” Byram said. “If you can do it while investing in our kids and the community, that is even better.”

For more information on how to sponsor a tree, contact the high school office at 684-2269.

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