Living board games, trapeze artists and a trip to Legoland could only mean one thing: a trip to the Destination Imagination global competition in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kaycee School students Tane Hill, Cruz Garcia, Hadlie Garcia and Trevore Pavey experienced all this and more during their competition the week of May 20.

“It was really wonderful,” team coach Kari Pavey said. “In addition to competing, the kids participated in a variety of educational workshops and had a chance to watch street performers and balloon artists and trapeze artists and visited Legoland and the Sea Life Aquarium. They all had a great time and experienced things that they never could in Kaycee.”

In Destination Imagination, students work in teams to research, design and build a solution to one of seven challenges that cover various fields – from science and technology to the arts and social entrepreneurship. In solving a challenge, the team learns the creative process, according to Pavey.

The Kaycee students participated in the Game On challenge in which they created an original song, a script, costume design and set all based on the board game Operation. The sets, costumes and script were developed by the kids, with supervision from Pavey and team manager Kelley Largent. The team – including Caylor Malson, who could not attend globals – has been working on the project since January, according to Pavey.

The team competed against students from 38 states and 20 countries at the global finals, according to Pavey, and placed 22nd out of 60 teams in the Game On challenge.

But win or lose, the experience was a valuable one for the kids, Pavey said.

“No matter what career these kids eventually go into, they will need to problem solve and work with others,” Pavey said. “They learn those skills through Destination Imagination and have a lot of fun to boot.”

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