BOCHES, 1 Percent balance college budget

Walter Farwell, left, teaches a public speaking class at Sheridan College in Johnson County. Steady funding will ensure that the college’s fiscal 2019 budget will be nearly identical to its fiscal 2018 budget, according to the college’s director Derek Andrews.

Steady funding will ensure that Sheridan College in Johnson County’s fiscal 2019 budget will be nearly identical to its fiscal 2018 budget, according to the college’s director, Derek Andrews.

“Without the school district’s BOCHES funding and the 1 percent funding from the city and the county, we would be in a much bleaker situation than we are now,” Andrews said. “That funding is really keeping us in a good place this year.”

The college is expecting $247,000 in revenue in fiscal 2019, according to Andrews, which is unchanged from fiscal 2018.

The campus receives its funding primarily from the Board of Cooperative Higher Educational Services – or BOCHES. These funds are levied by each school district in Sheridan, Johnson and Campbell counties and then distributed among the schools and colleges in each district. Each county retains its own BOCHES funds.

Andrews requested a half mill – or roughly $222,000 – in BOCHES funds from the Johnson County school board this year. The request, which has been granted by the school board, is the same amount the college requested last year.

The rest of the college’s revenue comes from 1 percent funds from Buffalo and Johnson County. Each entity will provide the college with $12,500 in 1 percent funds this year. The college will receive $25,000 in 1 percent funds in fiscal 2019. Last year, the county allocated $20,000 and the city provided $5,000 to the college in 1 percent funds.

With revenue identical to fiscal 2018, the college does not plan to make any cuts in the coming fiscal year, Andrews said.

“It’s mainly going to be business as usual this year,” Andrews said. “We won’t be cutting any classes this year, but we won’t be adding any either. We will just be maintaining things at the same level that we’ve done over the past year.”

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