BHS marching band ‘superior’

Bulletin photo courtesy Zach Spadt/Northern Wyoming Daily News B

Buffalo High School's marching band received a superior status this past weekend at the State Marching Band Competition in Casper.

Garnering the highest ranking in the state competition for the ninth year in a row, Buffalo High School’s marching band rounded out its season with a bang this weekend. 

The group of more than 70 kids traveled to Casper on Oct. 16 for the competition, which pits marching bands from across the state against each other, regardless of their size or division. 

Bands are ranked from one to five, one being the best, and bands can get captions for different areas of excellence. 

BHS scored a ranking of Superior, or the highest ranking, with Captions in drum major and general effect. 

Band director Jason Bennett said the group was on point with its routine on Saturday, and performances at the Buffalo Invitational and homecoming earlier in the season provided a good jumping point for improvement. 

“It seemed like every time we got together, it got better and they made some changes and fixed some things, and the progress was amazing,” Bennett said. 

“You hate to hinge it all on a subjective score at the end of the day, and for us we try not to talk about caption or ratings too much. … Our kids are gamers, and when it’s time to get after it, they do it.”

The performance’s theme centered around a Babylonian tale, a topic the judges commended. 

“The judges really appreciated the style and the execution of the marching. … The drill is very DCI (Drum Corps International) style and very, very advanced, especially for a 3A school,” Bennett said. 

BHS was the only 3A school to attain the Superior rating, Bennett said, and it has done for almost a decade. 

“We got Captions in drum major and general effect, and that’s also quite a few years in a row, so it’s kind of cool we set that standard and the kids keep attaining that,” he said. 

The pep band will be at Mike Moon Field on Friday night to cheer on Bison football, but the marching band season has now concluded.  

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