Pennie Caldwell is looking for some friends to help her move. And she’s offering up food as an incentive.

Sounds like any normal moving party. But nothing is going into moving vans and there won’t be any straining under the weight of a sleeper sofa.

Instead, the first-grade teacher needs help moving books and materials at the Meadowlark Elementary School into a new “universal” library designed to make a wide variety of resources available to students of every grade.

“We need help moving books and materials and book shelves and then organizing,” Caldwell said. “We’re trying to get a team here three days in a row so we can get that done as much as possible before everyone heads out for summer.”

Caldwell is asking for volunteers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, June 3-5, to help move books and science materials from different rooms around the school into a “universal leveled library.”

Books, science equipment and math resources are designated for use by students in different grades and are currently held in different rooms of the school.

All those resources will now be moved into the “universal” library for use by all students, Caldwell said. “So if I’m not using a certain level book, it’s going to be available for someone else.”

For example, students who are reading at a level higher than their grade in school will have the higher-level books available to them.

The same idea applies to science materials and math resources, Caldwell said.

“So we’re pulling all of our math resources and science tools into one area so they are ready for anybody who needs them,” she said. “It’s a way to keep track of our inventory and be more responsible for our money and resources.”

In addition, the move will free up space in classrooms where the materials and books are stored now, Caldwell said.

Many Meadowlark staff members have already volunteered to help out, so the school is turning to members of the community — especially the parents of students — for additional assistance.

“We’re thinking of getting the parents working with the teachers,” she said. “Parents are the most important part of education. It’s really important for us to work as a team and get things done together.”

As a reward for her workers, Caldwell is offering lunch — pizza on June 3, sandwiches on June 4 and tacos on June 5.

If people are unable to help with the moving, Caldwell said she would gladly accept assistance with food and drink for the volunteers.

To volunteer, call Meadowlark at 684-9518 and ask for Caldwell or leave your name with the staff at the school, along with the day or days you would like to help out.

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