Duo gets creative to raise funds for trip

Vivi Ostheimer and Sydnie Norman have been performing together for two years and are now using their musical abilities to raise funds for a class trip to Costa Rica

Seven thousand dollars is a lot of money – especially when you are two 13-year-olds without full-time jobs.

So when Vivi Ostheimer and Sydnie Norman realized they needed to raise $7,000 – or $3,500 each – to go on a Clear Creek Middle School spring break trip to Costa Rica, they knew it would take more than a lemonade stand to raise the money.

Both Ostheimer, who plays mandolin, and Norman, who plays guitar, have been passionate about music since they started performing music together two years ago at the Bighorn Bluegrass Camp. They decided to use that passion to help raise some funds.

“We wanted to come up with a creative way to raise money and have a little fun at the same time,” Ostheimer said. “So that’s how we came up with the idea for the singing telegram.”

A singing telegram is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other important life event, Norman said. For $25, the girls will sing two songs chosen by their customer. They will also deliver flowers and/or chocolate.

All money raised through the performances will help fund the girls’ trip to Costa Rica, where they will learn about conservation and local food and culture. The trip will take place during the week of April 1, 2019.

The girls have been performing throughout the summer and, as of July 23, had raised about $2,500 toward their goal, Ostheimer said. The girls plan to continue offering the singing telegrams throughout the summer and first half of the school year. Any money raised in excess of $7,000 will be given to other students who will be going on the trip, Norman said.

“A lot of kids have trouble raising that kind of money, so we’d love to help them if we can,” Norman said.

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