Results from this weekend's Battle in the Bighorns swim meet. 

8 & Under Boys


Ian Goddard

2nd-50FL:  3rd-50BK:  4th-25FL:  5th-25BK:  7th-25FR, 25BR:  8th-25FR

Jaren Misslin

2nd-25BK:  3rd-25FL:  4th-50BK

Landon Pierson

6th-25FR:  10th-25BK

Wyatt Goodson

9th-25BK:  10th-25FR

9-10 Boys


Quinn Byram

1st-200FR, 500FR:  2nd-50FR, 100FR:  3rd-50BK, 100 IM:  4th-50BR, 100BK

Marco Monterastelli

6th-50 BR:  7th-50FL, 100 IM:  9th-50BK:  12th-100FR:  17th-50FR

Jay Hahn

7th-100BK:  8th-100FR, 50BK:  11th-50 FR

Bryson Kolb

7th-50FR:  9th-100FR:  11th-50BK

Dax Misslin

9th-100BK:  10th-50BR:  13th-50FR, 50BK:  14th-100FR

Everett Thomas

10th-100 BK:  19th-50 FR

Lane Weaver

11th-100 BK:  15th-50BK

Grady Mathson


Reeves Hammond

16th-50BK:  18th-50FR

11-12 Boys


Tommy Wonka

1st-50FR, 50BR, 50BK, 50FL, 100FR,100BR, 100FL, 200IM:  2nd-100BK

Brodyn Lambert

1st-100BK, 100IM, 200FR, 500FR:  2nd-50FL, 50BK, 100FR, 100BR:  3rd-50FR, 50BR

Gio Monterastelli

2nd-50BR, 200IM, 500FR:  3rd-200FR:  4th-100BR:  5th-50BK, 100BK:  6th-50FR, 100FR:  7th-50FL

Asher Murray

3rd-100FL:  4th-50BK, 50FL, 100FR, 200IM:  8th-50FR, 100BK:  9th-100BR, 12th-50BR

Cameron Kulze

3rd-500FR, 200IM:  4th-50FR, 200FR:  7th-50BR, 100FR

Andrew Rogers

6th-200IM:  14th-100BR:  15th-100IM:  17th-100BK:  20th-20BK, 50BR, 100FR:  25th-50FR

Wacey Lambert

10th-50BK:  13th-100BR, 200FR:  16th-100FR:  18th-50FR, 50BR

Jackson Darnell

12th-100BR:  17th-50BK:  19th-100FR:  22nd-50FR

Sam Wagner

13th-50BK:  15th-50 FR:  18th-100FR:  19th-50 BR

Carter Zink

15th-50FL:  19th-50BK:  23rd-50 Free

Devin Reams

24th-50 Free

13-14 Boys


Brogan Byram

1st-100FR, 100BK, 100BR, 200FR, 500FR, 200BK, 200IM, 400IM:  3rd-50FR

Charlie Wonka

1st-100 BR:  2nd-50FR, 100FR, 500FR, 200BK, 400IM:  3rd-200 FR, 200IM

Kieran Murray

1st-50FR, 100FL; 2nd-200 FR, 200 IM, 100 BR, 200BR, 100BK

8 & Under Girls

Vyolet Gripp

1st-25FR, 25BK, 25BR, 25FL, 50FR, 100FR, 100IM

Shaye Byram

2nd-50BK:  7th-25BK:  11th-25FR

Milan Monterastelli


Liv Lawrence

3rd-25BK:  5th-25FR

Eira Moses

5th-25BK:  7th-25FR

Emersyn Stone

6th-50 Free; 8th-25BK:  9th-25 Free

9-10 Girls


Brook Darnell

3rd-100IM:  4th-100FR, 50BK, 100BK:  5th-25FR, 50BR

Claire Kozisek

5th-50FL:  12th-50BR:  13th-50BK:  15th-50FR

Scarlet Jacob

6th-50FR, 100BK:  7th-100IM:  8th-50BR

Maya Hall

8th-50 FR, 50BK, 100BK:  11th-100FR

Evy Wages

14th-100FR:  15th-50BK:  20th-50FR

11-12 Girls


Isobell Kerckaert

1st-200 IM:  3rd-100 BK:  4th-50 FR:  5TH-100FR:  7th-50 BR:  8TH-100BR

Harper Crane

8th-50 BR:  10th-50 FR

Claire Hicks

11th-100BR:  13th-100IM:  14th-50BK:  17th-50BR:  19th-50FR

Ava Gonzalez

18th-50FR:  20th-50BR

13-14 Girls


Makenna Lambert

1st-100FR, 100BR, 200FR, 200BR, 200IM, 500FR:  2nd-50FR, 100BK, 200BK

Vivyan Gripp

2nd-400IM:  5th-200IM:  6th-100FR, 100BR:  7th-100FL:  8th-100BK:  9th-200BK:  10th-50FR, 200FR

Keesee Bennett-McDonnell

2nd-100FL:  5th-100FR:  6th-200FR, 200IM:  7th-50FR:  8th-200BK:  11th-100BR

Sarah Johnson

3rd-500FR:  4th-100BK:  5th-100FL:  7th-200BK:  8th-100FR, 200FR:  11th-50FR

Erin Houseman

4th-200BR:  10th-200 BK:  12th-100BK:  13th-100BR

15-16 Girls


Grace Wagner

1st-100FR, 100 BR, 200FR, 200 IM:  2nd-50 FR, 100FL:  3rd-100BK

Luci Riddle

1st-50FR:  2nd-100FR, 100BK

17 & Over Girls


Emi Wagner

1st-50 FR, 100FR, 100 BR, 100BK, 100FL, 200 FR, 200 IM

Maddi Johnson


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