The Kaycee High School Lady Bucs volleyball team hosted a quadrangular on Saturday, securing two victories and one loss against other state teams. 

First, the Lady Bucs defeated the visiting Upton Lady Bobcats 2-1, serving 99.5% with 25 errors. 

“I had no complaints,” said head coach Kylie Richendifer. “We played well as a team.”

In their next match, the team started to falter, losing two sets to Little Snake River by two points. The serving percentage fell to 89.8% with slightly fewer errors at 23. 

“This game was torture,” said Richendifer. “We struggled, and I think we beat ourselves.” 

In the final match, Kaycee narrowly defeated Farson-Eden 2-1, despite looking tired following a three-hour break between matches. 

“They played flat and tired looking,” said Richendifer. “It was the first time this season where we really lost our focus and did not play well.”

The last match was an “eye-opener,” Richendifer said, in that it helped her identify some defensive tactics to work on and adjust. 

“Our defense was bad all the way around,” she said, noting that the players had several block errors and times at which they were out of rotation. “It leads to hesitation among players and throws everything off.”

In practice this week, Richendifer said, she planned to share some game film with the players and break down each position to help them understand what they and their teammates should be doing. 

“It’s important for us to come together as a team,” she said. “Sometimes the girls overdo it and individually take over near the end of a game. The sense of urgency in trying to do too much did not work well for us.”

She will also consider moving players around and tweaking some of the rotations, including one in serve receive that she said looked “weak” on Saturday. 

With two weeks left in the regular season, Kaycee (10-2, 4-0) will look for two more  conference wins when they travel to Arvada-Clearmont on Friday and host Hulett on Saturday. 

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