Johnson County Fairgrounds, Aug. 1–2

Rookie Bronc Riding

1, Kayson Dory. 2, Parker Manor.

Bareback Riding

1, Bronc Marriot. 1, Dylan Sandvick.

Saddle Bronc Riding

1, Weston Mann. 2, Riley Simmons.

Rookie Bull Riding

1, Hayden Welsh. 2, Seth Orlandi.

Bull Riding

1, Bobby Welsh. 2, Colt Welsh.

Steer Wrestling

1, Clay Reiner. 2, Jace Mayfield.

Calf Roping

1, Jace Mayfield. 2, Ian Welles.

Ranch Calf Roping

1, Reo Lohse. 2, JR Crozier.

Steer Roping

1, Reo Lohse. 2, Chris Knudson.

Dally Team Roping

1, Trevor Scantling / Riley Curuchet. 2, Clayton Auzqui / Dan Ballek.

Mixed Team Roping

1, Jennifer Jorgensen / Clay Reiner. 2, JR Crozier / Tymber Taylor.

Senior Team Roping

1, John Ballek / Dan Ballek. 2, John Ballek / Frank Fisher.

Barrel Racing

1, Jennifer Rice. 2, Tymber Taylor.

Pole Bending

1, Shyanna Cahoy. 2, Lynn Kohr.

Ladies Breakaway

1, Ayanah Winsor. 2, Tymber Taylor.

Ladies Calf Roping

1, Joey Moore. 2, Jennifer Rice.

Goat Tying 

1, Ayanah Winsor. 2, Megan Welles.

Senior Breakaway

1, Jerry Ruby. 2, Bob Ruby.

Jr. Barrel Race

1, Karly Peterson. 2, Emily Duncan.

Jr. Pole Bending

1, Kinley Ruby. 2, Karly Peterson.

5-Barrel Race

1, Grace Peterson. 2, Joey Moore.

Team Tying

1, Curt LaDuke / Riley Curuchet. 2, Kenny Knudson / Chris Knudson.

Rescue Race

Saturday, Cam Johnson / Hazen Camino. Sunday, Karly Peterson / Grace Peterson.

Calf Scramble

Saturday, Cam Johnson / Hazen Camino / Colten Hepp. Sunday, Grady Alger / Joe Curuchet / James Foss.

Goat Roping

1, Trell Schiffer / Eli Schiffer. 2, Paislee Stevens / Halle Crozier.

Calf Riding

Saturday, Teague Duncan. Sunday, Oak Hodgens.

1/4 Mile Race

1, Jason Watts. 2, Michelle Irwin.

Parent / Child, 12 and under

1, Teague and Daniel Duncan. 2, Rilie Schiffer and Luke Camino.

Parent / Child, 13-16

1, Cam and Josh Johnson. 2, Adam and Dave Belus.

Open Ranch Sorting

1, Melissa Mosser / Clay Skeen. 2, Cheyenne Greub / Jesse Greub.

Mixed Ranch Sorting

1, Bob Ruby / Addison Baker. 2, Paige Shambaugh / Trace Shambaugh.

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